5 best exercises to work abs fast

5 best exercises to work abs fast

Learn how to exercise them correctly to get a perfect 'six pack'

The sixpack is achieved through effort 

We have dealt with exercise from a more general point of view on various topics, focusing more on variables such as the time available to exercise, goals and objectives on a physical level, the type of training and, of course, discipline. However, we had not yet delved into the specific work of a muscle group, something that after all is one of the pillars that we must work perfectly to strengthen from it our body in a healthy, responsible and effective way. 
All muscle groups are important for the health of the body, but as in any other mechanism, there are pieces that bear greater responsibility for its gearing. For example, the abdominals, which are, without a doubt, a particularly sensitive area because it is in charge of balancing our body, helping in a certain way to all other muscle groups to withstand the effort and wear and tear derived from physical activity of the type that be.

The abdomen is one of the most worked areas and requires the most effort

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The poorly made abs and their legends

Furthermore, they are probably the group that generates the most impact on people's minds on an aesthetic level, so they have added attention for almost all of them. The problem is that, as the personal trainer Ángel Díez Gimeno explains, "the abdomen is one of the worst-worked muscle groups in the gym." Perhaps due to the excess of attention that is focused on them, a mistaken idea about how to work them has spread: “Many repetitions to define the area, noticing burning in giant series of many repetitions and with short breaks, or the use of 'crunch 'abdominal (the classic abdominal exercise that we all have in our heads) indiscriminately demanding great spinal and neck flexions with bad postures and technique ”, are the wrong popular beliefs and routines, as Díez Gimeno recounts.

For his part, Gonzalo Martínez Salmerón, coach manager of the Reto 48 room, highlights the importance of varying the exercises, something that is not usually common in people who are not advised by an expert. “Even if you do abdominal work daily, check that you vary from exercises that work the lower abdomen one day; another, the superior; another oblique, with the aim of working together the entire abdominal area and not load them, "he argues. Muscle rest is important in any work routine as much as their work, as is another important variable that is often forgotten, the intensity of the exercises and, above all, maintaining it throughout the series. That is why it is more interesting to carry out more explosive and also more effective short series, "all this accompanied by breaks between series (60-120 seconds) that allow maintaining said intensity", adds Díez Gimeno.

Fundamental is also to emphasize something that we always do when we talk about fitness: the importance of diet for training success. As Ángel Díez Gimeno concludes, “the abdominal training will work and improve your abdominal muscles, but it will not make you lose fat; That depends on your diet, daily activity and generating an energy balance accordingly. " Or put another way, less technical but just as illustrative, in the words of Martínez Salmerón: "In this the chocolate bar is not worth as inspiration." It was not going to be so easy to get the legendary six-pack ...

There are many specific abdominal exercises, and knowing a good sample of them is what makes it easier to work them all equally and avoid abusing them, which generally leads to physical problems, especially in the lower back. We compile below five of them, less known than the typical icos crunch ’, all different from each other, recommended between the two experts consulted:


Perfect Plank
It is a very interesting exercise because it avoids straining the back with twists and rotations that other abdominals do. In addition, it is one of the exercises with more modifications, depending on the physical level and the objective you have. They can be static, simpler, or dynamic, in which work is more complicated and requires more effort.

It is essential that the body position is aligned with the forearms and toes supported. Pay extra attention to the gluteus, which we tend to remove from the axis to facilitate exercise, which is a technical error.

Press Pallof
How to perform a press pallof

This exercise recommended by Díez Gimeno requires a pulley in the gym or at least a rubber band to do it anywhere you train.

It has several variants but the standard movement involves contracting the abdomen with the body placed in profile to the pulley / rubber, and stretching the arms from the chest and holding the position until the arms are picked up again. The key to hardness lies in the resistance you put on it.

Sit up

It is important to work the abs correctly

It is one of the abdominal work that is most used, especially in HIIT routines, since it is a classic post within high intensity circuits. It consists of lifting the entire upper part of the body in a block without using supports.

The arms serve as balance and balance to aid movement. The legs, meanwhile, can be semi-flexed or stretched, the latter being the one that adds the most hardness.

The abdominal wheel

This is how you work with the wheel

It is a very interesting contraption to work the abdominals without straining the back since it is a matter of picking up and stretching using the movement of the small wheel that is held with the hands, grasping it with the supports on both sides.

The arms remain stretched at all times and the key is to get the axis down as much as possible during the extension phase, always in a controlled manner and with the abdomen contracted.

 Stir the pot

Help yourself with a pilates ball

It is probably the least known of the five. It is about placing yourself in a plank position on a pilates ball, contracting the abdomen and supporting the toes. The movement is very simple from this starting position: turn your elbows as if you were shaking a giant pot, hence the name of the exercise.

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