Lose Weight Quickly

Lose Weight Quickly

Is losing weight fast your goal? And are you tired of slimming diets that last for days months or even years? Good news: take notes to know the good tips for losing weight quickly, losing weight quickly and above all sustainably!

When it comes to "slimming program", there are two schools: those that take their time and then those that want immediate results.
If you want to follow a fast diet to lose weight quickly and well, it is better to be well informed.

Lose weight fast?

Possible! Just follow the good slimming tips.

First tip to follow: drink water. Plenty of water and forget fruit juices and other sodas because fruit juices and sodas contain an average of one hundred calories per glass. Without realizing it, one can easily gain weight or retain water if one abuses sugary drinks; while drinking a lot of water (pure and plain), you eliminate the excess water.

And rest assured: even if it may seem paradoxical, drinking water can overcome water retention and say goodbye to bloating and other swollen legs.

Another essential: remember to do regular physical activity. Sport is your ally to lose weight quickly.
Find the best sports to get thinner and say goodbye to the extra pounds.

Finally, we give it to you in a thousand: if you want to lose weight quickly, adapt your diet to your activity and your metabolism.
Proteins are allies for athletes, and green vegetables are perfectly suited if you want to lose weight quickly.

Also bet on fat-burning foods: green tea, lemon, pineapple ... These powerful antioxidants help shed excess pounds. So to fulfill your wish and lose weight quickly, Cosmo becomes your best slimming coach. It helps you lose weight without dieting and lose weight by area. If you want a perfect silhouette, this is where it goes!

You will discover in our special file, all the star tips for losing weight quickly, slimming recipes and tips for choosing a sport to lose weight.

Good tips for losing weight quickly?

As seen earlier, to lose weight quickly, you have to follow
the basic rules. But not only.
 By following the few tips that follow, you will see: you will lose weight quickly, without even realizing it.

- Eat less often than usual
No mystery. If you want to lose weight quickly, don't snack. Eat proper three meals a day and if you feel the cravings coming, also take a snack to last until the evening meal.

- Eat in a calm environment
Sit at the table and leave your Smartphone, TV or laptop aside! Because it is proven: when we eat while distracted, we eat a lot more!

- Take time to chew
We are constantly told: you have to chew food well before swallowing it. This will give your stomach time to feel full and you will be full faster.

- Brush your teeth right after eating
It is psychological: when you brush your teeth after eating, you are generally less tempted by gluttony (perhaps by laziness for that matter).

Losing weight quickly? What are the risks?

And then, because you must be fully informed, Cosmo gives you the risks of a rapid diet so that your experience does not turn into a nightmare.
Finally, like everyone at their cruising speed, Cosmo offers you to test yourself to find out what your diet is.

Lose weight fast or lose weight slowly?
How to lose weight quickly and well?
How to lose weight and keep it off?
How to lose weight quickly without effort?
How to lose weight quickly with sport?

Slimming diets, slimming exercises, and new habits discover a tailor-made slimming program to lose weight quickly, time in hand!

But before you start a diet, consider consulting a nutritionist and calculating your BMI.

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