Here's what to do to avoid gray hair

Here’s What to do to avoid gray hair

Avoid Gray Hair
The appearance of gray hair is a natural phenomenon, but it is possible to limit it by becoming aware of the factors that favor it. Explanations.
If we already know which foods delay the appearance of gray hair, we can also delay their appearance by paying particular attention to our lifestyle and the environment in which we live. Here are the things to consider.

A study reported by the "Times" shows the correlation between exposure to free radicals and gray hair in order to keep the natural color of our hair as long as possible, it is necessary to control the ambient oxidative stress. Thus explains "Byrdie", one can start with a morning walk in nature in the fresh air or a diet rich in antioxidants.

Like our skin, hair is sensitive to the effects of the sun. "E-santé.fr" reports that a study published in "Nature Medicine" showed that "the cells responsible for coloring our hair are able to migrate" and to specify: "When the skin is attacked by UV rays, the melanocytes from the scalp migrate to the epidermis. It is not just any cells that carry out this migration, but those from the bulb. This could explain the depigmentation of the hair which then tends towards white. Many sun sprays now exist to protect our hair during an exposure.

“Chronic stress can lead to inflammation. This inflammation can reduce the production of melanin in the scalp while shortening the hair growth cycles "report our colleagues from" Byrdie ". To reduce it and be zen, we can try the ten tips to fight against stress.

Unsurprisingly, cigarettes also have an effect on the appearance of gray hair. A study by Korean researchers has shown that the premature appearance of graying hair is linked to smoking. The effects of smoking affect both our health and our hair.

According to Chinese medicine, the meridian of the hair coincides with that of the liver, reports "". It is an organ to monitor and pamper for the health and beauty of our hair but also to limit the appearance of white hair according to their expertise. When it is overloaded due to a poor diet for example, it is relaxed by placing a hot water bottle.

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