6 Tips to stop losing your hair!

6 Tips to stop losing your hair!

Do you notice that your hair is thinning and that your hair is gathering on your brush? Do not panic.

Some good advice can limit their loss

Stop losing hair, these tips could help you

Tip # 1: Rethink your lifestyle from top to bottom

The stress factor plays a significant role in hair loss. Our ultra-speed lifestyles do not participate in our well-being and act on our general state of health ... This is why it is important to pay attention to your life balance: playing a sport several times a week, promote a long and restful sleep, eat everything reasonably ... By acting on our lifestyle, we act in parallel with the health of our hair.

Tip # 2: Tap into food to fight your deficiencies
To compensate for certain deficiencies - often linked to an unbalanced diet - which causes hair loss, it is recommended to dig generously from the fruit and vegetable shelves of our markets. Nuts, almonds, pulses, green vegetables (broccoli, green pepper), fruits rich in vitamin C (kiwi, orange, lemon), are all fresh products that provide a supplement of vitamins and boost our immune defenses to fight against the fall hair.

Tip # 3: Aromatherapy to stimulate the scalp

Strengthening the scalp is an essential action to prevent hair loss. How to do it? During the shampoo, gently massage the skull with a drop of essential oil, used as a hair serum, to activate its micro-circulation.
In practice: in a 200 ml spray, mix equal parts of spicy nettle, Bay of Saint-Thomas and rosemary to verbenone hydrosols then add 20 drops of rosemary to verbenone essential oil, 20 drops of essential oil of ginger and the same amount of Atlas Cedar essential oil. "This will revive the microcirculation of the scalp, slow down the fall and densify the hair" explains Caroline Gayet, dietitian-nutritionist trained in herbal medicine in the book. In terms of vegetable oils, castor oil or black cumin oil (very rich in minerals) can be applied as a mask to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss. Finally, nettle powder masks are recommended to combat hair loss.

Tip # 4: Stop overly aggressive gestures (and products)

Shampoo and conditioner types of products can have an influence on hair loss ... Indeed, if they are not adapted to our problem, they can damage the scalp. If in doubt, it is best to opt for a very mild shampoo, with chamomile for example. In addition, too intense massages of the scalp during shampooing are not recommended. Finally, vigilance is required when drying the hair: avoid maximum heat and keep the hairdryer at a reasonable distance from the hair.

Tip # 5: Avoid accessories that tighten your hair too much

Barrettes, elastic bands or too tight hairstyles are the sworn enemies of pretty hair. This notably has the effect of weakening the hair fiber and causing falls ... If you want a worked hairstyle, the best is to use flexible barrettes and thin fabric bands.

Tip # 6: Consult a dermatologist if the fall persists

In case of significant falls, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist. Abnormal hair loss must be examined by an expert to understand its origin and act in depth. Certain drug treatments may be considered (especially in the case of alopecia) and, under certain conditions, a hair transplant.

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